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Kensuke Osada Project Associate Professor
Kensuke Osada Project Associate Professor
Field of Study: Biomaterials, Drug/Nucleic Acid Delivery System, Gene Delivery System, Polymer Science
  • [MAIL] osada@bmw.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
  • [URL] http://www.bmw.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/english/

Development of Biomaterial, Intellignet Material, and Smart Drug Carrier based on Polymer Science

My research aims to develop nanocarriers to deliver drugs and nucleic acids for biomedical applications, including polymeric micelles, polymeric vesicles, and multi-layered nanoparticles, through technology of the polymeric chemistry and explore the nanocarrier-mediated therapy by facilitating the translation of basic achievements into clinical applications. Standpoint is placed on clarifying their underlying structural formation process and operating it into a structure demonstrating the best biological performance.

Subjects of Reseach

  • Development of supramolecular structures based on precise synthetic polymers
  • Development of nano structural devices for active targetable cancer therapy
  • Development of nano structural devices for gene therapy
  • Mechanistic study on DNA folding and application for gene delivery