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Yasuyuki SAKAI Professor
Yasuyuki SAKAI Professor
Chemical Bioengineering
Organs and Biosystems Engineering for regenerative medicine and cell-based assays
  • [MAIL] sakaiyas@iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp
  • [URL] http://orgbiosys.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/sakai/index.php

Purpose of Research

The general goal of our lab is to culture and/or organization of stem and organ-derived cells in various scales for regenerative medicine and cell-based assays. Chemical engineering methodologies and point of view serve as the basis in achieving these goals, because it optimize mass transfers in 3D cell-based tissues or best integrate basic biology, medicine and engineering.

Subjects of Reseach

  • Process development for mass production and differentiation of stem cells
  • In vitro organization and growth of implantable liver and pancreas beta-cell tissues
  • Development of advanced cell-based assays and their applications to efficacy/hazard evaluations
  • Development of advanced biosensing devices using carbon nanofibers


Chemical engineering-based applications of latest knowledge of biology and medicine