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Kazuma MAWATARI Associate Professor
Kazuma MAWATARI Associate Professor
Field of Study: Development of novel biodevices using micro/nano-chemical chips
  • [MAIL] kmawatari@icl.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
  • [URL] http://park.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/kitamori/index.html

Integrated Chemical Laboratory on a Micro/nano chemical Chips

Attainment of an unprecedented level of high-throughput diagnosis involving bioinformation sensing and clinical analyses by means of microfluidic devices fabricated at a micro/nano meter scale.

Subjects of Reseach

  • Basic research on liquid and chemical properties in extended-nano space
  • Application to diagnosis and analytical devices
  • Single cell and single molecule analysis method
  • Fundamental technologies for extended-nano chemistry and fluidic