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Teruyuki NAGAMUNE Professor
Teruyuki NAGAMUNE Professor
Chemical Bioengineering
Field of Study: Biochemical Engineering,Protein Engineering,Cellular Engineering
  • [MAIL] nagamune@bioeng.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
  • [URL] http://park.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/nagamune/

Creation of Super Biomolecules and Cells Far Superior to Natural Ones and Their Applications to Biomedical Engineering Research Field

We are developing methods to improve, alter and expand the function of biomolecules such as proteins and lipids, which are relating to molecular recognition and signal transduction, by using techniques available in the field of gene engineering, protein engineering, enzyme engineering and chemistry. By integrating these modified functional biomolecules, we aim to develop a technology for creation of super complex biomelecules and cells far superior to natural ones, and to apply these materials to biomedical engineering research field.

Subjects of Reseach

  • Development of real time monitoring method for intracellular signal transduction process using antibody fragments labeled with fluorescent proteins
  • Development of cell based microarray technology for comprehensive functional analysis of genes and proteins
  • Development of artificial receptors for controlling cellular function
  • Development of cell surface modification method and its application to medical care
  • Development of cell printing method for tissue engineering