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Tomohiro KONNO Project Associate Professor
Tomohiro KONNO Project Associate Professor
Field of Study: Cell engineering, Biomaterials, Biointerface

Development of advanced biodevice engineering with cytocomaptible polymer biomaterials to investigate a single cell response

In this laboratory, we develop advanced biodevices, which can investigate the bioreaction related to cell response with single cell level. To develop such a biodevice, we design functional polymer biomaterials based on polymer science and colloid surface science. Especially, we focus on the soft biomaterials and biointerfaces with excellent cytocompatibility. Also, we focus on the advanced biodevice, which was integrated bioengineering to explore the high reliable and sensitive cell engineering.

Subjects of Reseach

  • Development of integrated biodevices based on soft biomaterials
  • Development of cytocompatible biointerfaces for single cell analysis
  • Development of biomolecular array regulation using molecular recognition
  • Quantitative imaging in cell using self assembled colloid biomaterials