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Masao WASHIZU Professor
Masao WASHIZU Professor
Field of Study: Bionanotechnology, Micromachine, Applied Electrostatics
  • [MAIL] washizu@washizu.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
  • [URL] http://www.washizu.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/

Bionanotechnology based on Micro/Nano Manipulation

Novel biomanipulation technology in single-cell and single-molecule level is developed based on microfabrication techniques, where electrokinetic effects in micro-structures, such as dielectrophoresis or electroosmosis, are used as the tools for manipulation. Measurements, characterization, artificial regulation of the activities, utilization as the components of functional devises, of the cells and biological molecules are investigated.

Subjects of Reseach

  • Molecular manipulation of DNA and its application to gene analysis DNA-based molecular construction
  • Introduction of foreign substances into cells by nano-electroporation and the measurement of cellular response
  • Investigation of and control over higher-order structure of chromosomal DNA
  • Single-molecule manipulation of chromosomal DNA using electroosmotic flow
  • Electrostatic manipulation of liquid droplets for micro-reactor applications